About Me

Let me just start by saying….I was an unusual kid! Growing up, my sisters would give me their allowance on the sly to clean & organize their rooms. And instead of babysitting like most teenagers, I earned money from my mom by organizing closets, boxes of old pictures, and even recipes.

Fast forward to 2006…. I was working yet another dead-end accounting job (I’ve always been a “numbers” girl!), when an amazing job at Closets By Design fell in my lap. This re-ignited my passion for organizing, design, and most of all – helping people. I was able to partner up with a colleague and start my career as a Professional Organizer. And once we moved to Alabama, I branched out on my own to start Organizing Plus 123.
I love having the opportunity to help clients de-clutter their homes and improve their quality of life along the way. Trust me – it is such an empowering feeling to no longer be overwhelmed by your “stuff.” No project is too large or small…let me help you take control back and implement systems to ensure a more simplified life moving forward.
My people! (Greg, Nate & Abby)