Success Stories

After my first conversation with Emily, I was certain she would be able to help our family reclaim our home.  And, I was right!  During our initial consultation, she listened to what my husband and I said, and developed a plan that not only would work, but was also easy to follow!  We decided to have Emily return for two organizing sessions with the focus being our kitchen/dining/laundry area.  We have since worked to implement her plan throughout our home, and are making progress each day!  Emily was never judgmental about our messiness, nor did she present us with a "cookie cutter" plan.  She tailored her guidelines to fit our family's needs and has encouraged us each step of the way.  We been able to rid our lives of clutter and chaos and gained a friend in the process!
- Mary

I saw a friend’s Facebook post about her pantry transformation and I immediately had to know how she did it. When I found out it was from a personal organizer, I knew I had to contact her! Emily has organized 5 rooms in our home, and I didn’t know everyday life could be easier by simply being more organized! She even taught me how to “tidy up” every month in order to maintain what we had done. I highly recommend Emily and I’ll definitely use her again in the future.

When I discovered that there was a professional organizer nearby, I knew that my home would benefit from her service. After our consultation, she began work with, speed, efficiency, and clarity of purpose. Our plan entailed several visits for two problematic rooms. The transformation was amazing. I could not have been more pleased with Emily's work. If you crave order, but need the help of one who really has the skill and ability to fulfill your wishes, she is the person to call.

Emily made organizing go from a dreaded “I-have-to-get-to-that-sometime” kind of job to an “I-can-do-this” job. After cringing for years every time I opened a drawer in my house because every drawer was a junk drawer, Emily brought order to the chaos, made me laugh while she was doing it, was incredibly efficient in the amount of time it took, and gave me the method to work on other spaces in my house! I am SO grateful!

Running a preschool classroom requires an abundance of organized supplies.  We can't thank Emily enough for coming in to our preschool and guiding our teachers through an effective, organizational technique!
-Angie (Director of First Wesleyan Pre-school Academy)

Emily helped bring order to my chaotic life!  My house feels warmer and more peaceful now that everything has a place, and we banished the clutter monster.  She also helped me make it easier for my children to pick up after themselves!  What a relief.

I cannot say enough good things about Emily and her organization skills! We moved into a new house and felt overwhelmed with a new kitchen layout and had no clue how to organize it all.  Emily found a home for each item that made sense with our day-to-day hectic life! 

Our office was a disorganized dumping ground that made my mind hurt every time I walked in the door. Thanks to your help, I now walk into our office and feel inspired, creative and motivated to keep it clean! It is so refreshing to now feel like I have power over my "stuff" rather than the other way round. Your patience, firm (yet gentle) guidance, and insightful suggestions were so helpful and appreciated. I can't thank you enough!

I am a very thrifty person and hiring a professional organizer was not on the top of my “to spend on” list. But I am so glad that I decided to do it; it was more than worth the money! Emily helped me organize my oh-so-disastrous pantry, but more importantly, her tips and know-how have helped me approach organizing every space in my house in a new way. Also, the few hours we spent working on the pantry were actually fun. I am looking forward to working on future projects with her!