Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Holiday Decor Storage

When it comes to storing holiday décor, my philosophy is "the simpler, the better." Because let's face it, we can't all have garages that look like this:
 Instead, a more realistic example may be my basement:
 It contains mismatched colors/sizes of tubs, a random cord hanging from the ceiling, and some extra light fixtures and boards to throw in as well. It's still pretty organized in my opinion, though it may  not be the "prettiest" space! :)
I have one tub for Halloween/Fall décor.....
 .....two tubs for Easter/Spring décor, and then about 10 tubs for Christmas decorations. I used a simple label-maker to mark each tub, and for now, that is good enough.
I'll be honest though, I'd love for my storage space to look like this, with all matching clear tubs so you can see the contents:
I can blame my OCD for that!
 However, I have stumbled upon this idea as a better way to label your holiday décor tubs, and I can't wait to implement it this Christmas! Simply create a Word document that can serve as an inventory sheet for each tub. Then laminate the label, and list each tub's contents with a dry erase marker, as shown here:
I would even add a little section at the bottom called "Need for Next Year," as a quick reference if something broke or you didn't use it to decorate that year. For example when stores - Hobby Lobby, I'm talking to you! - put their Christmas décor out in September, you can see at a moment's glance if you need something new for the upcoming holiday.
Another great idea: hanging wreath storage. Now, I only own about 3 wreaths, because like I said, I'm a minimalist. But I realize that some people - especially for Christmas - hang wreaths on multiple windows and door. If that sounds like you, here ya go!
 I've had my fall decorations out for about a week now, and nothing make me happier than walking into my living room and seeing this!!
 And here is some of my favorite décor around the house:
One more tip concerning holiday décor.... as I was decorating last week, I realized I couldn't remember where I had put certain things the previous year. So, I decided to pictures of my house fully decorated, and can easily refer back to them in the future.
Let me know if you have any tips for storing holiday décor!
Happy Decorating!!

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