Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Reader Space: Shoe Storage in an Entryway

A reader sent me this picture of her entryway:
I think she's definitely on the right track!! And while I am *super* envious of her mudroom cubbies, I do see that she could use a little help when it comes to shoe storage. It looks as though each family member has a designated shoe cubbie (excellent!), but the shoes are just thrown in there haphazardly and I'm sure it's difficult to find a pair. If she would just take it one step further and get a well-fitting bucket or basket to fit into each cubbie, it could look like this:
Which would make:
1. Each family member able to find their shoes more quickly and
2. The space would look a lot prettier! :)
However, I think the key in the bucket/basket system would be to LIMIT the number of pairs that are allowed for each family member. Probably 5 pairs for each kid and 3 for each adult (since our shoes are so much larger!)

For those of you out there without a built-in mudroom, here are few other shoe storage solutions for an entryway:
 1. Lay a hanging shoe organizer on its' side inside a bench
 2.  Usually found in a dining room, a wall-mounted plate rack is a genius idea to storing shoes in a small entryway space!
 3. IKEA has a solution for everything :) And this slender, 12" deep cabinet can fit almost anywhere!
 4. Or if you're particularly handy, you can make these DIY wall bins. Love that rustic look!
Hope these shoe storage solutions helped! Leave a comment with your latest organizational dilemma to be featured in my next "Reader Space" post.

Happy Organizing!
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  1. Finally, I comment! I love these ideas and I am on the look out for bins for the shoes. My challenge is that each slot is a slightly different size. That's why the top slots have different bins...I am working on it!

    I love the IKEA piece, too, for my front entry way. I think that might be a great fit, too!