Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Peek Inside: A Professional Organizer's House

If you're nosy....then you will LOVE this post!! :)
I get told very often that my house must be immaculate, since I'm a Professional Organizer. It's true that my house is not cluttered. But clean & un-cluttered are two v.e.r.y different things!
You see, I have a little dirty secret: I hate to clean.
Yep, you read that right. I love to organize, but I hate to clean! So if you come by my house sometime, please don't look at the dust bunnies in the foyer. Or the crumbs under the kitchen table. Or the dirty breakfast dishes in the sink.
But if you're curious to see my un-cluttered house, click here to check out the new "House Tour" slideshow on my sidebar.


 photo 123-sig_zpsfaf346b8.jpg


  1. OMG! There are countless things I love about your house! The library....wow!! I am super jealous! And your kids closets definitely make me think that I need to rethink my kids' closets...and my own...and Olivia's bows, which I know she would wear more if I didn't stick them in a box under her bed. Ugh! Wow! Okay...add these to my to do list! Also, I love the pictures in the foyer! Cool!

    1. Thanks Christine! Remember, I can always give you ideas via virtual organizing..... :)

      But for the love.....yes, please get Olivia's bows out from under her bed! Get a large 11x14 frame, take out the glass & backing, and hot glue 5 strips of thick white ribbon vertically. Then clip the bows on. And voila! A makeshift bow organizer! :)