Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Back-to-School Series: Creating a Homework Station

Today we'll be tackling the dreaded "H" word......homework!
Now, I know some of you mommas out there have battles over making your child actually DO their homework. Sorry, no tips on that today....I'm not a miracle worker! :) But whether your family does homework in the car, at a desk, or on the kitchen table, it's important to be organizing by having a few supplies on hand.

If you need a mobile homework station, I highly recommend a homework caddy. This can be made from a simple utensil caddy plus some soup cans or mason jars, whatever you have on hand really. And of course, you need some extra school supplies - pencils, markers, crayons, tape, glue, and scissors should cover it.

I love the idea of a homework caddy so much that I made one for a client earlier this year! She has a cabinet in her kitchen island that is designated to homework. I grabbed this silver mesh caddy off Amazon, and voila! A caddy and a homework station.
Now whereas a homework caddy can be moved easily from room to room, so can a rolling cart! I love this IKEA hack, and how it holds not only homework supplies but crafting supplies as well.
And if you're one of those parents who has multiple kids with multiple after-school activities, you may be doing homework in the car some days. (Been there, done's not ideal but sometimes it's necessary.) If this is the case, I suggest checking out your local Dollar Store for a utensil organizer and a document box. Once you fill it with extra school supplies, you have a homework station for your car! A clipboard or two can't hurt as well, to give your children a hard surface to write on.

 Once your child gets older, they/you may want their homework station to be in their room. They might need more room to spread out, or just a quiet area to be able to concentrate. If that's the case, they will need a desk or tabletop surface, as well as school supplies and a comfy seat.
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I'm sure you're wondering where MY kids do their homework every day!! Well, we are lucky enough to have a sunroom in our house that was previously unused, so we turned it into a craft room. This room holds the kids' craft table (shown below), my scrapbook table, and my computer desk/office.
Each child has their own utensil cup with pencils, scissors, etc. And then 3 shared buckets for markers, crayons, and colored pencils.

Let me know which homework station is your favorite, and if you have one in your home!

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