Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorite: My Deckbox

First of all.....TGIF!!!
(Raise your hand if you're with me!?)

Today I want to tell you about my favorite way to store our outdoor toys....this amazing deckbox!

We got it from Sam's about 2 years ago, and store it in our carport. It's held up really well, despite being out in the weather, and being manhandled by my kids and a few dozen neighbor kids :) It's 5 feet long and can also be used as bench for your kids....

 To organize our outdoor toys, I used a few buckets from the Dollar Tree, as well as a few old Rubbermaid tubs from my basement. One tub holds all of our balls & sporting equipment, and the other tub holds a few old beach towels / blankets that my daughter likes to build forts with :) Buckets hold our bubbles and chalk spray, and underneath the bucket my daughter has a small Rubbermaid tub (with a lid) that holds craft supplies. (She & a neighbor like to make crafts outside and sell them in their "business," so let me know if you want to place an online order. Ha!)

 Last up, we have water blasters contained at the back of the deckbox, and two folding chairs at the front. My kids don't *always* put things back where they belong, but I feel like the tubs & buckets make it easier when they do.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Friday Favorite!
Click here to check out the link for the deckbox again. It's a great buy!

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