Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Master Bathroom Makeover!

Y''s official! I have finally found my dream master bathroom!

Seriously, it is the most beautiful thing and bigger than my bedroom. If I had a master bathroom like this, I think I'd take baths all day in the claw foot tub, and spend hours sitting at the pretty vanity getting ready.

Needless to say, I had SO much fun helping a recent client de-clutter her bathroom....

The focal point right when you walk in is this beautiful open shelving & cabinet system. It was pretty much functioning as a medicine cabinet, so we decided to move those items
elsewhere and make it "pretty!"

Much better, right?!
 We created "Daily" and "Nightly" drawers for both husband & wife.
(Of course, the wife has a *few* more items in hers!)
We used simple bins from the Dollar Tree and acrylic dividers from Target.
Some of my faves!
Under one of the sinks, there was a little bit of everything. We created a Sun Care bin and a Travel bin, which holds all those travel-sized toiletries (and freebies you get from hotels)! My client travels often for work, so we left her large Ziplock bag ready made with travel toiletries for her next trip on top of the Travel bin.
 On the other side of the bathroom sits this amazing vanity!!! As you can see, it just was a little bit cluttered and didn't have a rhyme or reason to it. We transformed this spot by dedicating these shelves & drawers to all things "beauty" tools & products, nail care, make-up, lotions, etc.
And the best part is - now she has empty shelves & room to grow!

Close-up on the shelving on the right

Close-up of shelving on the left
We just needed an acrylic organizer to hold all of her pretty make-up!
 Last but not least, there was a medicine cabinet over the toilet that was not being utilized properly. (I apologize - no "before" picture.) It was holding SOME of the family's medicine, but it was also spread out in 3 other locations in the house. We corralled it all, and I organized it into a few categories: Pain Relief, Stomach Relief, Medicine, and Prescriptions.
Now there is one central spot for medicine, and it's out of their children's reach.

Who would have thought that organizing a bathroom could be so much fun!?
(Well, my client may not have thought it was fun, but I did!)

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