Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Storing Your Gift Wrapping Supplies

Is anyone out there up to their ears in Christmas gift bags and ribbons and tissue paper?!?!

Believe it or not, more than half of my clients need help in this area. These days, everyone has gift wrapping supplies for not only Christmas, but baby showers, birthdays, and everything in between.

I'm compiled a list of my favorite 6 ways to organize your gift wrapping supplies,
and will also reveal how I store my gift wrapping stuff!

Most homes have a "catch-all" closet. (Yes, even mine does too!) Whether that is in the foyer, a guest room, or bonus room, it's a great place to store gift wrapping supplies. I store mine in our guest room, and utilize space in both the closet & under the bed.

I have two of these under the guest bed - one with "everyday" wrapping supplies (mostly gift bags, ribbon, and tissue paper), and then the one shown below holds all of my Christmas gift bags, ribbon, boxes, and tissue paper. I think it's wise to separate Christmas wrapping supplies from the rest of your stash. (*That way, if you don't have room to store Christmas wrapping supplies in a guest room, they can easily go up the attic since you only use them once a  year. However, I would recommend keeping "everyday" wrapping supplies in a more accessible place like a guest room or catch-all closet.)

A similar organizer can be found here. Or, just a regular Sterilite underbed box will do!
 I also have two vertical tubs similar to this in my guest closet, and they exclusively store wrapping paper. One holds Christmas wrapping paper, and the other holds baby shower/birthday/miscellaneous wrapping paper. Again, I recommend separating Christmas wrapping paper from "everyday."

Now, here are 4 other great ideas to store your gift wrapping supplies:

1. A rolling cart with drawers: This is actually a picture from a recent client's house. Her "catch-all" closet was being overrun with gift bags. We pared them down and organized them by occasion. Her Christmas ones are in a separate cart, that hold ribbon and tissue paper as well.

2. A hanging organizer: I recently stumbled upon these, when I was searching for solutions for a client that used a small coat closet in her foyer for craft supplies. What a space saver! There a ton of these organizers on Amazon, but this one is my favorite because it is double-sided.

3. A DIY hanging organizer: Along those same lines, here is a way to inexpensively store wrapping paper. Just use a clear vinyl garment bag, and a heavy duty wooden hanger!!

 4. A wall-mounted system: If you have room on a small wall or perhaps even on the inside of a spare closet, you can repurpose a mail organizer and a grocery bag keeper to corral your gift wrapping supplies!

Happy Wrapping!! :)

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