Initial Consultation: $200

The best way for me to evaluate your needs is to see them first-hand. This appointment can last up to an hour, and allows me the opportunity to tour your home (or as few/many spaces as you desire) and talk to you in-depth about your concerns. Please note that payment is due at the end of this session.
Within four days, I will email you a 4-6 page personalized action plan. This will include a very detailed list of suggested actions for each space I toured, as well a dedicated Pinterest board with organizing solutions & product recommendations. You can then choose to work on this list yourself, or we can set a time for me to return and help you do it for an added fee.

**But as a bonus, if you hire me back for an organizing session,
you will receive the first hour FREE!**

Organizing Sessions: $50/hour
I love getting the chance to work alongside clients to help transform a space with my own two hands. Organizing sessions consist of three steps:
1.       Clear the clutter. We will sort items into like categories, and then make decisions as to which items can be kept, sold, donated, or thrown away.

2.       Demand a purpose. Once we have sorted & eliminated, we review your “keep” pile once more. Then, each item will be assigned a home (whether that be in a different room, etc).

3.       Commit to maintenance. We will discuss organizational products & materials that are within your budget. These products, along with the systems I will help you implement, will ensure a more organized space going forward.

Additional Pricing

I offer discounts for those that choose to pre-purchase a large block of hours as well.
For example:

4 hours = $200 (pay-as-you-go)

6 hours = $270 (10% discount)

8 hours = $340 (15% discount)

10 hours = $400 (20% discount)

Virtual Organizing: $100
If you’re ready to tackle the clutter challenge yourself, and just need a little kick-start, virtual organizing may be for you! (This is also a great option if you live outside my service area.)
This package includes 2 video chats via Skype/FaceTime, a personalized action plan, and a designated Pinterest board.

How it works:
1.       You will email me pictures of one space in your home and we will set up a time for our first video chat.

2.       During our first video chat, you will give me a tour of the space. I may have you take a few measurements for me, and we will discuss in-depth your organizational dilemmas & vision for the space.

3.       Once I receive payment (via check or PayPal), I will email a personalized action plan. This will include a detailed list of suggested actions, as well a dedicated Pinterest board with organizing solutions & product recommendations to transform your room.

4.       At a later agreed-upon date, we will have our second video chat. You can ask questions, we can evaluate your progress, and see if we need to refine any systems or routines that aren’t working perfectly.
*If you would like to organize a second space, an additional package can be purchased*

Moving Services
I offer a variety of services if you have decided to relocate:

Home Staging: If you're putting your house on the market, I offer a 2 hour staging consult for $200. You will receive recommendations on space planning, décor, de-cluttering, and maintenance issues.

De-cluttering: The perfect time to purge is right before a move. Owning less stuff = packing less stuff = unpacking less stuff! I charge an hourly fee of $35 for this service.

Unpacking & Organizing: There is nothing I love more than unpacking boxes for a brand new kitchen! Finding the perfect containers for the pantry, lining your cabinets with beautiful shelf liner, and organizing your kitchen from the start. (Of course, I do other rooms too, but kitchens are just my favorite.) This service is $35/hour as well.

I love working with clients, and it shows! If you'd like to see some before & after pictures, or read their testimonials, check those out here.  And I can't tell you how much I appreciate when my clients send a referral my way! As a thank you, you will receive a $25 gift card to the store of your choice for your first referral.

*I reserve the right to cancel this policy at any time*