Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorite: Gift Wrapping Organizer

Has anyone out there begun their Christmas shopping yet?????
Well, I have....(so please don't judge. I'm one of the crazies, and I know it.)
I love, love, love this gift wrapping organizer from The Container Store. It holds up to 24 rolls of wrapping paper, not to mention tissue paper, gift bags, and ribbon galore. It can easily slip into a closet or slide under a bed when not in use.
If anyone is shopping for MY Christmas gift, I would like two of these please! (One to hold Christmas-themed wrapping paper and one for birthday/miscellaneous wrapping paper.)
Happy shopping!

 photo 123-sig_zpsfaf346b8.jpg

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  1. I need this, too! I have designated part of my big walk-in closet as my "craft area," so I don't have a lot of space for any one thing. This would be perfect!