Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Apps to Help You Stay Organized

By NO means am I a techie. I don't think I've ever even uttered that word!! My friends love to laugh at me because I was the last person on Earth to get a smartphone. Yep, that's me! (It was in February, thanks.)
That being said, I've recently discovered two apps on my iPhone that help me stay organized....

This is similar to the standard "Notes" app that comes with an iPhone, but it just takes it to a different level of organization! :) Instead of just adding notes, you can create Notebooks...and add pictures to them! For example, my current Notebooks include: Christmas List, Master Bedroom, and My Little Pony Party. So when I'm out shopping and see an item I like, I can snap a picture of it (using the camera function through Evernote). This is also a great place to collect my thoughts....it's like you always have a post-it with you! So when I'm watching my son at taekwondo or my daughter at gymnastics, I can "jot" down thoughts on Christmas present ideas, birthday party ideas, etc.
The best part is - this is a free app. So, check it out!

I don't know about you, but I have about 5 passwords that I rotate for my online accounts: iTunes, Yahoo, Gmail, Snapfish, my bank, bills, PayPal, Amazon......the list goes on! The problem is, I'm always forgetting which password is for which account. I used to have them all written down in a notebook but I know that is a big no-no!! This app is my solution. You create ONE master/super hard password to get into LastPass, and then that is all you have to remember! You can enter all your accounts & passwords once inside, and have access to them anytime.
This app has a free trial, and then a small annual fee after that. In my opinion, it's well worth it.
So there's my Tuesday Tip(s):
Check out the Evernote & LastPass apps. They're great!

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