Saturday, January 31, 2015

Decluttering your DVDs, CDs, and Video Games

Have you ever heard of!
It's a FREE site that allows you to get cash for your old DVDs, CDs, and video games!! They even pay for shipping.

Now, I've personally never used this service. But I wanted to see how much $$ my old stuff was worth, and took a few minutes to round up a few DVDs, CDs, and video games in our household that are rarely used (yes, even I have some of those!). And it's simple.... all you have to do is enter the barcode off the back of the item. Of the ones I entered, they were worth between $0.50 and $10 apiece.
Don't get me wrong.... I don't think you'll get rich off using But that's not really the point of this anyways. It's a good (& easy!!) way to make some extra room in your home, and earn a little cash at the same time.
Why not give it a try?!
**In no way am I affiliated with, nor was I paid for this post**

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