Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday Tip: Organize Utensils IN the Dishwasher

Does anyone else despise unloading the dishwasher?! I don't know why this chore annoys me so, but it does. However, I have a little tip to help unloading the dishwasher faster & easier.....
....wait for it.....
While you're LOADING the dishwasher, place like utensils together. (Translation: put all the forks in one compartment; all the knives in one compartment.) That way, when it comes time to UNLOAD the dishwasher, you just have to grab a handful of utensils and they are already sorted for you.

Pretty easy, right?!
So there's my Tuesday Tip: Organize utensils while loading the dishwasher!
**Make sure to check back to see the blog & Facebook page all month, where I will be discussing other organizational tips specifically for the Kitchen**

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