Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ask the Organizer: Organizing Your Pot & Pan Lids

A reader asked for suggestions on how to store her pot & pan lids.
So, here's what I came up with!

I store my pot & pan lids in our {awkward} corner cabinet.
I purchased two lid racks from Wal-mart, and voila!
(Each of my lid racks holds just 4 lids, but here is one that is larger.)
I never would have thought of using command hooks to hold lids,
but it looks like a great (and inexpensive) idea!
If you have a deep enough drawer, a great solution is to install a tension rod to
hold those lids in place.
A similar idea is to install thin towel bars on the inside of your cabinet doors to corral pot lids.
And last, I love the idea of mounting a lid organizer inside your cabinet to hold lids! (This could just as easily be done on the inside of your cabinet door as well.)
Which solution is your favorite?
How do you store your pot & pan lids?!
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  1. I like the tension rod idea. We have a deep drawer where that would work for the smaller lids. I didn't even know they had that racks! I will have to get some!