Thursday, February 26, 2015

Before & After: A Freezer Makeover

Last week, I noticed that hot dog juice had spilled in one of the drawers of our fridge. And a bag of chicken nuggets had split open & spilled crumbs all into the freezer. (Hot dogs and chicken I a cliché mom or what!?)
Needless to say, I've been doing some cleaning in our kitchen this past week!!
Today I will show you some before & after pictures of the freezer. I also used this opportunity to purchase some containers from The Container Store, using part of a
Christmas gift card... (Best gift ever)!
Here is the "before & after" shot of the door, with just a few subtle changes:
Basically, I emptied the freezer & gave it a good wipe-down. I threw away a few frostbitten items, and grouped "like" items together. I got the clear bins from The Container Store, and the white ones with blue labels from Wal-Mart. (Less than $3 each; such a steal!)
 The white bin has a dry erase label area that I love! And I created the labels on the clear bins with my labelmaker & some simple labels from Office Max.
 And something that works for our family......we purchase most of our meat from Sam's Club, and then break it down into individual portions before we freeze it. (Read: 1 chicken breast per ziplock bag, or 1 lb. ground beef, or 10 shrimp for my salads.) That way, you can thaw the exact amount when you need it.
So.....does your freezer need a makeover!?

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