Monday, February 16, 2015

Pantry Organization Tips

Is there anyone out there that has a pantry like this!?
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Yeah, I didn't think so. Even as a Professional Organizer, my pantry doesn't look like that!! (Seriously though....the one with the chandelier and rolling ladder...Is that really necessary??)
Well, today I want to offer a few PRATICAL tips to organize your pantry.....

1. First, take EVERYTHING out of your pantry, and place items onto a large table. Use this opportunity to give your pantry a good wipe-down.
2. Throw out any expired food you come across! (The biggest culprits for me are always spices & baking staples, like sugar & flour.)
3. Group items into categories. For example: canned goods, cereals, snacks, pasta/rice, sweets, breakfast, baking items....
4. Place your items back into the pantry, as a "staging" step. This allows you visualize the final product & gauge what/if you need to purchase any bins/containers. Make sure to organize items into "zones" in the pantry. (Translation: Group items together that make putting poptarts, bagels, cereal near each other since they are all breakfast items.)

{An undershelf basket like this one is a great way to utilize extra space}

5. Scrounge around your house for any baskets or plastic containers not being used. These can be a temporary measure until you are able to purchase any necessary items.
6. If you do need to purchase items, be sure to take measurements of your pantry beforehand, especially the height between shelves, width, depth of shelves. Take note what size baskets/bins & the number of clear canisters you may need. I love the look (& function!) of airtight clear containers, and have found the best prices on ones at TJ Maxx & Wal-Mart.
*For canned goods, there are so many options out there*
{Magazine file; Expandable shelf; Stairstep; Turntable}

*If you have a small pantry, utilize the back of the door if possible. And any space on the walls inside the pantry, before the shelves begin*
{Pencil drawer organizer; Over-the-door organizer; Sink caddy}
*If you have a deep pantry and don't want to install expensive pull-out features, consider creating your own! Just purchase a small under-bed box type of bin and discard the lid. It's easy to pull out and can accommodate a large grouping of items*

*I love the idea of having one of your "zones" designated for your children's snacks, to make it easier to grab & go. (In fact, I do this for my 5 and 7 year old!)*

*Once you have all the containers you need, labeling is the last finishing touch (and my absolute FAVORITE part of this process!! I love to use chalkboard labels, but there are also a million printable options out there as well*
{Source; Source; Source}
*But If you want some custom-made labels, check out one of my favorite Etsy stores: SomethingSortaCrafty. This is where I have purchased my red vinyl labels, and I could not be happier with them! (Just be sure if you are using permanent labels, to only use them for items you always plan to have on hand.)*
This is my itty bitty pantry :) No chandelier here!
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Happy Organizing!
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