Thursday, February 12, 2015

Guest Room Closet: Before & After Pictures!

**This month I'm discussing all things KITCHEN on the blog, but let's take a quick time-out from that today. I have got to get something off my chest!**
Raise your hand if you have a closet - or space - in your home that is the designated "catch-all" spot?! (I am guessing many of you have your hand raised.) This is pretty common, and I think it's because it's easy.
(Notice I didn't say it was lazy. It's just easy! And in this day & age, when you are stressed out from jobs & kids & keeping up the house & being a wife, easy is sometimes what you are looking for.)
Well, after awhile, that "catch-all" spot can become a bit overwhelming. Am I right?! That's when it's time to convert your "catch-all" spot to a real organized space with a purpose. But here's the have to be willing to never make it a "catch-all" spot again!!
I had a recent client who said she was embarrassed to show me her "catch-all" spot. My first reaction.....sadness. You should NEVER be embarrassed to show a Professional Organizer any of your messes. We are there to *HELP*...not to judge!
(Because believe me.....I've seen it all. One little closet is not going to shock me!)
And so, my client put on her big-girl panties and showed me her closet :) Here is one of the "before" pictures:
It's a closet. With a lot of stuff. No big deal! Especially since this client doesn't have an attic space...naturally, this guest room closet just became their makeshift attic. On top of that, she actually didn't give herself enough credit - a few of those bags on the floor were full of kids' clothing, and the outside was labeled with the size! So, some of it was semi-organized!
I just stepped in to help her clear the clutter, set up a system for her kids' extra clothing, get rid of clothes her kids had outgrown, and organize a few sewing supplies and odds & ends. And look what we did in just 4 hours!!

The pink hangers are 12M size, the white hangers are 18M.
(Hello, my name is Emily & I'm OCD!)

Her husband still has a little work to do....those boxes are his....memorabilia from his "Glory Days" and a couple hundred VHS tapes that he will probably never watch again. So, we will call this side of the closet a "work in progress." :)

Here is the simple system we set up for her kids' extra know, because when you get a ton of larger clothing from family & friends, it's a blessing but also a curse. You are anxiously waiting for your kids to grow into the clothes, but also wondering where in the world it will all be stored.
My client agreed to pare down a few of the sizes that have multiple tubs (ex. 2T), but that's
something she will work on in her own time over the next few days.
So, what do you think???
Do you have a "catch-all" spot you'd like me to come help
de-clutter & organize!?

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