Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday Transformation: Playroom!

I wanted to show some before & after pictures of a playroom I helped to transform recently! This momma called me because she needed a system for their growing toy collection, especially since they have a second child on the way.
This is what I was dealing with:
I recommended getting a piece of storage furniture, with lots of cubbies that her son could label. (So he wouldn't have the excuse "I don't know where it goes!" when it was clean-up time :)
We spent a few hours categorizing the toys, throwing away broken pieces, and deciding which items to sell/donate. And here is what we ended up with:
I love these mini-chalkboards, and I think her son did an awesome job with the artwork on the labels!!
Let's look at the before & after pictures, side by side:
I also organized underneath her TV cabinet in the playroom.....which just required locating a few puzzle pieces, sorting & purging a few items, and then storing "like" items together.
Here is a before & after shot:

Let me know if I can help transform your playroom!
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