Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites: Toy Cubbies

I have had MANY clients that need help organizing their playrooms. And my first recommendation is always the same: Get some toy cubbies!!!
Toy cubbies are this weeks "Friday Favorite" for so.many.reasons!
1. They hide the clutter.
2. They make it easier for your child to find what toy they are looking for.
3. They make it easier for your child to put away toys.
4. They are super cute!
Here are just a few examples of some amazing toy cubbies out there. The possibilities are endless!



This was taken at a client's house a few months ago. Click on the "source" link below to see what her playroom used to look like before the cubbies came along!
Do you use toy cubbies? If so, leave a comment or show me a picture of yours!

 photo 123-sig_zpsfaf346b8.jpg


  1. We use IKEA "drawers," but after looking at this post I think that part of the reason we are still a bit disorganized is because I haven't labeled them. What kind of labels would you use on these?

  2. Hi Christine! Check out my Pinterest board, dedicated to JUST Labels! Lots of great options on there.

    Chalk labels are easiest and always my "go to." But if you want to do something with pictures for your non-readers, I would recommend either taking a picture of the contents of each bucket, or finding an image online. Simply cut those out, and then laminate & adhere to each drawer. Always include the word on the label too, though. Good luck! And show me what you decide!

    1. I am just getting to this! It will probably take me another couple of weeks to implement, but I will let you know. I LOVE your label board! I think the picture idea is a great one...I am going to reorganize slightly and get going on this!