Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Giveaway, and a New Year's Half-Off Special!

*Lots of exciting news today!*
I know December is a busy month for everyone. No one has time for a professional organizer to come to their house, when they are consumed with Christmas shopping and Christmas activities.
However, come January, I'm betting many of you will be overwhelmed with the clutter in your home. (Mainly all those toys & presents that made their way into your house over the holiday!)
So, here's your chance to take advantage of a great deal. Book your appointment now for any time in January, and you will receive 4 hours for the price of 2. That's a savings of $100!!! Hurry, because this special will only be offered to the first two people to contact me.
And as an added bonus, the first person to book their January appointment will receive
the above-pictured gift wrap & ornament box!! This organizer is great because it comes with a variety of interchangeable cardboard dividers. You can even use it to store ornaments!
I have a similar organizer, that stores my gift bags, ribbon, bows, tissue paper, boxes, and gift tags.
The possibilities are endless!

So, comment below or email me at to book your January appointment. Check out the services I offer by clicking here.

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