Saturday, January 30, 2016

Organizing My Dream Pantry!

You guys, I found my dream pantry!! And yes, it was in one of my recent client's homes.
Ignore the clutter for a minute...and just look at the possibilities in this space! It had floor to ceiling shelves, space for days, and beautiful hardwood floors. This would be the kind of pantry that a chandelier would look good (not silly!) in.

 The first task at hand was to empty out the pantry. And oh, was that a task! This job took a total of about 5 hours, and I bet a good 2-3 was spent emptying that puppy out. Like I said, it's a huge space!!
As I was emptying the pantry, I was grouping the items into categories like breakfast foods, snacks, grains, chips, etc.
 We went through each item to check the expiration dates, and my client threw away foods her family did not want anymore. You wouldn't believe the things she had in there that she didn't even know about! :) Funny what happens when you put everything on the countertop to see.
 Finally, it was time to put everything back into the pantry, inside newly categorized & labeled bins.
My favorite part! We even ended up with three empty shelves, so her family has room to grow/expand their food storage if need be.
What does your dream pantry look like!?
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