Friday, February 26, 2016

Master Closet: Before & After

A recent client needed help organizing her master closet, and of course I jumped at the chance! She is one of the lucky ones that has a *separate* closet from her husband. (I think this should be a requirement in houses these days, just saying!)

As you can see, we had a great big space to work with (!), but I needed to find a way to use the space more efficiently. The main areas we needed solutions for were:
Shoes - Although the client did agree to get rid of some shoes, we were still left with quite a few pairs left. Using a "shelf helper" like this one really doubled the amount of shelves she had for shoes. (Plus we added a shoe rack to the floor on the opposite side of the closet!)
Purses - We purged a few, and then moved the bigger ones on the uppermost shelf. I used a lid rack (yes, as in...for pot & pan lids!) on the left upper shelf to store her smaller purses.
Sweaters - Piles are SO hard to keep neat & tidy! But these clip-on shelf dividers help those piles stay in place a bit better.
We didn't change the clothes any - though if we had more time, I would have categorized them a bit more. However, I was able to clean out the middle shelf and now it's completely clear!
Also, the new baskets on the upper shelf hold her purses & bags now:
Again, we purged a bit - pants on this side - and added shelf dividers to help keep the piles neat. The bottom basket is actually empty right now, because I wanted a place for my client to keep her shorts once they are in season. (Right now, they are being stored on the uppermost shelf in that very long/large Rubbermaid container.) And the new basket up top holds her backpacks.
I'd say that was quite a transformation! It took just a little over 4 hours from start to finish.

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