Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Master Closet Transformation

Lucky me, I've been able to help transform 3 master closets in the last 2 weeks!
And I must say, this one may be my new favorite......

My client was very motivated to clean out some of her hanging clothes before our appointment, and she paired four racks of clothing down to two! That allowed us to just concentrate on all the "other" stuff at our session....purses, shoes, jewelry, folded clothes, etc.

 This client had so many beautiful bags! But they were being stored on a very high shelf, and it was a pain to get to them. So, I moved them down to a lower rack where not only are they more accessible, but pretty to look at too! :)
 This jewelry/vanity area was a big eyesore for my client. (And it's a bit confusing to look at these pictures because the back of the wall is one large mirror. The baskets you're seeing are in the reflection, and are really on the wall behind us.)
We used a large mirrored tray to corral her "everyday" items, a small mirrored tray for all of her pearls, and on the 3 tiered rack, we placed her chunkier & costume jewelry.
 With the addition of some jewelry organizers on the side wall, our boutique was complete! :)
 Now, this shelving wasn't terribly unorganized. As you can, she already had bins holding items like leggings, socks, bras, etc. We repurposed some of the gray bins by placing them in her husband's closet. And 2 lid racks now hold & display her small bags & clutches.
 I'm a sucker for matching baskets! It just makes it all look so much more cohesive and organized.
 This transformation took around 4-5 hours, and I could not be happier with the results! I told my client she needed a rug & chandelier in there, and then it would resemble a full-on boutique :)

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