Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pantry: Before & After

Remember a few weeks ago when I referred to myself as the Pantry Queen?!
Well, here is one of my latest masterpieces....
I have helped transform multiple spaces in this client's home, but her pantry may be my favorite!! She had a really large space to work with (it even had a window on one wall!) and I adore the custom shelves. Possibilities for days! 
Ahhhh, how I love a "before & after!" (And I apologize for the crooked "After" picture....not sure what happened there!)

We created a few snack bins for her kids, on lower shelves so they can reach them easily!

On the right side of the pantry, we created a few bins for her husband. His snacks, drink mixes, and even a bin for his Big Green Egg utensils & supplies!

Like I mentioned earlier, this client's beautiful pantry had a window inside! She used the shelf as an office area, so her kitchen countertops would not be cluttered. (Brilliant!) We transformed it with a few paper sorters and some blue mason jars she already had on hand.

Close-up. Oh how I love organized office supplies!

The spices got an little help from a cabinet stair-step shelf. Now they are so much easier to see!

Another great before & after

Look at all of those paper products, now organized and much more accessible!
One more before & after.
 I've mentioned it before, but pantries are my *absolute favorite* spaces to help organized.
Please comment or email me if I can help transform yours!

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