Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Before & After: A Little Girl's Closet

A recent client needed help organizing her daughter's closet.....too many bows, shoes, toys, blankets, coats, clothes, and a few odds & ends too.
We moved out-of-season clothes into under-bed boxes, which made room for relocated dress-up clothes & accessories from the playroom. The client also purchased these large hinge-top canvas boxes that we designated for keepsake items.
These large pink bins were causing havoc too - they were just too big and her daughter created a mess every time she had to look through them. We moved socks into the dresser (in the bedroom) and lined up her shoes on the shelves (as a trial run. If those become a mess, the next option is a hanging shoe organizer for the back of the door).
The left side shelves needed some TLC too! And some purging :) We made bins for hair bows, purses, blankets, and winter gear (gloves, hats, etc). And placed a large bin on top for sleeping bags.

 And this little wall on the right was not being utilized at all!! The client wanted a good bit of her daughter's toys & books moved from the bedroom to the closet. This cube organizer did the trick, and we re-used a few bins the client already had. Now this little girl has organized bins with doll accessories and dress-up accessories/shoes.
 Happy organizing!

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  1. And a week later it still looks great! Thanks so much Emily!