Saturday, April 16, 2016

Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

The majority of my clients are moms, and what is one room that spends a lot of time in???!? The kitchen. Whether it's for cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, packing lunches, or just clearing off the counters......a kitchen is a place where most women spend a good chunk of their day. Which is why it's so important for those cabinets & drawers to be organized!!

A recent client called on me to help organize her kitchen, because like mentioned above, she is a busy mom of 3 busy kids, and doesn't have time to de-clutter her kitchen. But oh how delighted she was for me to do it!! :)
This family is a big fan of Tervis Tumblers, as you can see below! I reorganized their drink cabinet to hold water bottles, sippy cups, and tumblers on the right side. (And I added a small white bin to hold all those pesky lids.) And on the left side of the "After" cabinet, I placed all of the other glasses, organized by type (of course).
Her cabinets with pyrex / corningware / mixing bowls weren't too bad, but just needed some tweaking. I think the biggest changes I made were to store the pyrex pieces by shape (rectangles go with rectangles, ovals with ovals....) and adding a basket to hold a few small pyrex lids.
 EVERYONE has a drawer with large utensils that could use a little TLC! My client was no exception. An expandable drawer organizer like this one did the trick, and will help keep the drawer from becoming a clutter magnet again.
 Not only are unorganized utensil drawers common, but so are junk drawers!!! Raise your hand if you have one in your kitchen! (My hand is raised.) There is nothing wrong with a junk drawer - they definitely serve a purpose. But who says a junk drawer can't be organized?! My poor client couldn't even pull her drawer out the whole way when I first got there :) I couldn't wait to get my hands on it....
 Now, this client had *many* other cabinets and drawers. And I touched them all. But just so I don't show off the entire contents of her kitchen, I thought I'd just highlight one more space..... the dreaded under-the-sink cabinet. It is a hotspot in most kitchens, and one that easily gets messy.
I just repurposed a few baskets the client already had, categorized the items, and purged a few. Nothing to it! The bottom basket now holds all small items like sponges, rags, and cleaning brushes.
Now that you've seen a few organized cabinets & drawers,
are you inspired to go de-clutter some of your own?!
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