Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Quick Pantry Makeover

A recent client needed some help with her pantry, and we got the whole thing done in just 2 hours! This pantry was not that bad to start with; just needed a little tweaking. My client already have a ton of great containers and bins, but they weren't being used properly.
The most cluttered shelf was the top one, where all of the baking items were stored. Let me tell you, I have never seen so many different varieties of sugar & flour! This woman is quite a baker. Once we repurposed some of her current bins, threw out some expired items, and added some chalkboard labels, there was quite a transformation!
Down below, we categorized items like snacks, breakfast items, pastas, etc. Each got their own bin, as did paper products and lunch items for school.
 Let's take one more look at this "after" photo. It's amazing what a few hours and some old containers can do for a pantry!

 photo 123-sig_zpsfaf346b8.jpg

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