Monday, May 16, 2016

Craft Closet: Before & After

I have been *itching* to get my hands on this craft closet! This is a repeat client of mine, and every month when I go to her house, I cross my fingers that it's time to tackle that space :)
Finally, last week..... I got my wish!

This is an awesome was in a huge closet off of her bonus room. She was using it to store Christmas & regular gift-wrapping supplies, scrapbooks & crafting supplies, lots of pictures & keepsakes of her 3 kids, stationary, extra gifts, and a few miscellaneous items.

Left side of the closet
 Luckily, she already had a ton of these plastic 3-drawer Rubbermaid containers, so we repurposed those and created a very organized space for all of her wrapping supplies. (If you can zoom in close enough to read some of the chalk labels, you will see that there are drawers designated to Christmas bows, Christmas gift tags, Christmas treat boxes....and the list goes on. We used 14 drawers for JUST Christmas items!! I'm so excited for her to wrap presents come December. She will have *everything* she needs, and more importantly, be able to find it easily.)
Right side of the closet
 We used the charcoal-colored bins to designate "keepsake bins" for each of her children. (Each get two.) I added hanging chalkboards (my fave!) with each child's name for easy visibility.
Top 3 shelves of closet
 My client already had 6+ tan photo boxes, so once we did an initial sort with her old pictures, they were placed into photo boxes for each family member.
Bottom 2 shelves of closet
 Now there is lots of room for scrapbooks and photo boxes!
Far right side of closet
 Let's look at this beauty, one more time! Oh how I love a good "before & after".....

 photo 123-sig_zpsfaf346b8.jpg

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