Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Two Hour Makeover: Spare Bedroom

Have you ever wondered what a professional organizer can do in your home in just two hours!? 
Well, here's your answer:
A recent client needed help organizing her spare bedroom/office and it only took us two short hours to make the transformation happen!

This is something I see time & time again as a professional's just easier to have a "catch all" room/closet than to take the time to put the item where it actually belongs.

So, we touched every single item in the room! We decided if it needed a new home in a different room, if it should stay, or if it should be donated/sold. In just two short hours, we were able to see the carpet again (!) and even created some extra storage space in the closet.

The spare desk was being used as a "catch all" space.
Now, it is a place to display some of my client's favorite/most sentimental items.

An organized desk surface (plus organized drawers!) can make all the difference when you're trying to work from home.

The bookshelf used to store CDs, photo albums, and miscellaneous office files.
Now, it holds all of my client's art & hobby supplies!

We created clear tubs for hobby items, keepsake items, and excess office items.
They are so much easier to find now, AND they have room to grow if they need it.

What space would you like to tackle in just 2 hours!?
Let me know and I'd be happy to help!

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