Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Tip: Use a "Crap Basket"

Ok, so I apologize for the vulgar name. Technically, this basket is called a "Seagrass Stair Decorative Basket with Handle." But I just think Crap Basket is more catchy :)
We have this exact basket in our home, and let me just tell you...it is a lifesaver! You see, all 4 of our bedrooms are upstairs, so I was finding that I was going up & down those stairs 100 times a day, putting things away. Whereas that is good exercise, it was a huge time waster.
Enter: The Crap Basket.
I placed this at the foot our stairs and it fits on there perfectly and doesn't take up too much room! We started out using it mainly for shoes, for when the kids get home & take them off. And then it evolved into library books that need to go upstairs.... blankies....stuffed animals ....socks..... legos from my son's room ......basically anything that trickled downstairs, but its' "home" was upstairs.
It really has been a wonderful "catch-all" for us and I just take it upstairs once a day to unload it. I usually do this right at bedtime, while the kids are getting their pjs on & brushing their teeth. It takes 5 minutes, max!
So there is my Tuesday Tip: Get Yourself a Crap Basket! :)

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